Weight Loss / Slimming Therapy

Our Natural weight loss and Obesity Program is among the most effective natural weight loss programs available. It is a combination of years of research and ancient Ayurveda & Yoga therapies.

We make the weight loss experience enjoyable through healing of the mind, body and spirit! The length of the program ranges from 3-16 weeks and consists of the following components:

Udvartana (Herbal Weight loss & Obesity Massage)

This is a specialized ayurveda herbal massage treatment for effective weight reduction. A herbal paste / powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged with specific movements by two therapists for about 45 minutes everyday.

This therapy is very effective in naturally reducing weight. It also helps remove cellulite, revitalizes the sense of touch , gives a good complexion to the skin, removes toxins from the body, and tones the skin & muscles after child birth.

Weight loss & Obesity Reduction Yoga

Our weight loss program combines the best ayurveda therapy with weight loss Yoga and Meditation. Special asanas are given to each individual to practice everyday. Remarkable difference can be seen if all the therapies and recommendations are followed. Yoga practice can range from 1-4 hours per day. Yoga & Mediation is highly recommended but not compulsory. Meditation strengthens your mind and helps you in keeping your resolve in losing weight.

Special Weight loss diet

We suggest special meals for the weight loss program guests and it is individualized to help one achieve natural and effective weight loss. Each meal preparation is supervised by the ayurvedic doctor. Weight loss is also sometimes a result of unhealthy food combinations and not just the result of quantity or type of food consumed.

Nature walks and exercise
Daily walk minimum 1 hour.

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